Martin (standing) bringing ministry to the sick in hospital.

Giving all to gain the best

IN 2001, Martin became a follower of Jesus – a decision that saw him lose his family and inheritance, but he has no regrets. He says “What I found is more precious than anything else in the world.”

A graduate of the Christian Discipleship Centre (CDC) in Bangladesh, Martin goes to work at 7am, before all of the outdoor patients gather at the local Christian hospital. It is the only source of care for poor people in the Pubail area.

Patients come for their physical healing but Martin, as the hospital chaplain, helps them with their spiritual wellbeing. He spends time with them, talking and counselling. He also shows them a video called “The Passion of Christ”. When he visits the patients in the ward, they often ask him to pray for them in the name of Jesus!

Please pray for Martin and the ministry of CDC.

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