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World Outreach is committed to bringing the Gospel to the unreached. And that also includes caring for children.

In Kalimantan, Borneo, New Hope Ministries brings hope to children of the Dayak Tribe. Still living in remote villages, many Dayak children are not properly schooled. New Hope runs a boarding home to care for 120 of these children, aged between 6 and 21 years. At the home, the children live in a loving, nurturing and safe environment and are sent to school to complete their education. As Christ is shared in everything that is done in the home, the children experience the tangible love of God, grow in their faith and get an opportunity to develop their potential.

Overcoming Fate With Faith. Denak From New Hope Ministries

Like most of the children at New Hope, Denak is from a remote village in rural West Kalimantan. Her parents separated when she was still a toddler and she stayed with her grandmother after that. The village pastor recommended her to be accepted to New Hope Ministries. Here she found a new home, where she could stay in a safe and healthy environment and attend primary school.

But after being with us for several years, Denak failed to come back to our boarding home after a Christmas Holiday. After receiving no news of her for several days, our staff decided to go to her village. They found her sitting outside her grandmother’s house with a broken and disfigured leg. Denak had been hit by a motorcycle. As her family did not have money for treatment, they kept her at home. This could have led her to possibly spending the rest of her life crippled in the village.

Denak’s grandmother was eventually persuaded to entrust Denak to our staff who brought her to New Hope. We were able to get specialist treatment for her across the border in Malaysia and – miraculously – she is now able to walk, run and even dance – her favorite hobby.

Denak is now halfway through middle school and has big dreams: “I want to become a doctor. If I had been left in the village, there is no way I could have even hoped something remotely like that. But at New Hope, they care for me. I have all reason to hope in the future because for God nothing is impossible!”

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