Classroom in Vietnam

Generation ministries expands school sponsorship in Vietnam

AS IN MANY developing countries, underprivileged children in Vietnam are generally given very few opportunities to break free from the cycle of poverty and thereby change their futures. It is widely recognised now that the crucial key to improve their situation is education.

Unfortunately, many children from disadvantaged families and in particular from rural areas, simply do not attend school because they must work to earn a living (often having to sell lottery tickets or work in the rice fields) in order to help meet their families basic needs. Vietnam is one of the very poorest nations in the world (165th in the world alongside the Philippines).

Basic school fees are low but this does not include the cost of stationary, text books or school uniforms, which are usually compulsory. In order to do well, extra tuition is expected and considered essential. All of these costs take normal school life out of reach of the very poor and Vietnam has a high proportion of very poor families.

We have recently expanded the school sponsorship programme to 60 Christian children from the poorest families in churches that our team are closely connected to. Their ambitions range from being an evangelist to pastor to teacher to doctor. They have their dreams and we are doing what we can to help those become a reality. They are always so grateful to be sponsored:

“My name is Giosue Ngo Anh Tin, I am nine years old and in Grade 3 at Thai Ha School. I am writing this letter to send my grateful to you and thank the Lord so much. God use you to help me with my school fees so that I can go to school. Last term I got an award. I will try my best to study to get a high grade in my class.”

Average cost per child – depends on age – to cover school fees/uniforms/text books/and some extra tuition is US$150 (100 Pounds) per year. Please consider helping a child. Individual profiles are available.

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