The process of ‘Go and make disciples …’ in this part of His vineyard continues with great joy. Tina and I are really beginning to see the fruits of 14 years of intense sowing into the lives of a people overwhelmed by an animistic culture, blended with fierce Muslim influence.
We have just returned from a prolonged bush trip, visiting some of the work planted by our ‘sons’. Over the past four years, they have successfully planted 61 new churches throughout Sofala and Zambizia. We report with great joy that these indigenous churches are at last beginning to grow spiritually, and the hunger for more of the Lord continues to increase, as does their own zeal to see others, who have never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel, come into a real living relationship with the risen Messiah.
In the photo, 163 people attended a discipleship seminar we held, where before there was only a small bush church with about 35-40 attendees. We pray the Lord continues His work in these areas.

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