Freed to Free Others

My name is Thabang. I was born in Soweto. Because of frustration and selfish ambition, I got involved in gangs. I was jealous of people with posh cars and beautiful women. I wanted to be like them. I stood with my gang on the street corners and robbed people. I wanted riches without working. I was in eleventh grade when I was first arrested. After two and a half years in prison, I went back to school, but not for long. I was quickly arrested again and sentenced to twelve years! However, the sentence was shortened to six years.
In prison I met a man who was sharing about Christ. For the first time ever, my eyes were opened. I gave my life to Jesus. I was hungry for the Word so when I got out of prison, I enrolled at World Outreach Bible College. I am now in my third year. After completing my diploma, I want to go and preach the Gospel. Prison doesn’t change lives, but Christ changes the inside of a man.

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