Found Jesus As their Helper

In many countries it is taken for granted that everyone is equal and that all have the opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams. But in other countries everyone is not considered to be of equal status. Instead, at every level people will exercise power, often cruelly, over those who are beneath them. Many at the lower level can feel their life is one of complete powerlessness.
Unfortunately, it is often children who are at the bottom in such countries. Their personal power is non-existent.
Many World Outreach International ministries are working amongst children to introduce them to the One who has all power.
After Ekachai’s father left, his mother became very unsettled and decided to go to Bangkok, leaving Ekachai (aged 12) alone in the family home. She sent money to him for food for the first 6 months but that changed when she met a new partner. Just prior to her leaving, Ekachai had begun to study Bible lessons with the Good News Team. When the money stopped coming he began to pray, asking Jesus to help him. Teachers at the school noticed something was wrong and they gave Ekachai small jobs so that he could receive some payment. Later when he was turned out of the family home because of his faith in Jesus, the teachers allowed Ekachai to stay in a small room in the school.
Speaking of his experience at this time, Ekachai said that what kept him going was that he knew that Jesus was with him and thus he was not totally alone.
For most children their situations are not as extreme but many still feel powerless and know that they need a helper.
Many children in Thailand have found Jesus as their helper through Bible lessons and know that He is with them. Some of the comments they have made are:
“I’m amazed that Jesus really loves me.”
“I feel so happy when I think about Jesus.”
“God has made me special. That’s incredible! I’ve never been special to anyone before.”
“I feel happy and safe now that I know Jesus.”
“Some people were angry with me because I followed Jesus but what got me through was knowing Jesus is always with me.”
Please pray for all children who are in need, that they find Jesus as their helper, and come to realise they can be connected to the Source of all power.

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