Gathering for weekly meetings and hungry for the Word of God

Forerunners on the move

WHEN LEAH AND EVIE attended World Outreach International’s T4T training last December, they were challenged to share their faith with others. Less than a month later, they got their opportunity. A missionary working with women and children invited Leah and Evie to teach some women how to weave. They soon learned that there were no churches in the areas these women lived in. Their villages were well known for fetish activity, and so far, no one had dared to plant churches in any of them.

So, Leah and Evie shared the Gospel with these future weavers. They used the Heart of Man tract for their first sharing and nine women gave their lives to the Lord. When the missionary saw this, she invited them to share the Gospel in the school. Sixty-three children heard the message.
In only two weeks, Leah and Evie were able to share the Gospel with four villages. People are hungry for the Word and are now requesting pastors to come and start weekly meetings. Praise the Lord!

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