Children reading Good News Team booklets

Following Christ through opposition

How can Thai young people follow Christ despite strong cultural opposition?

RECENTLY, AS PART OF MY RESEARCH for my Doctorate of Missiology, I interviewed adult Thais from a Buddhist background, who did our lessons as children, and now follow Christ.

How were they able to persist in their faith? Seventy percent of my interviewees said that as they did the lessons, they just began to “know” they believed in Jesus and wanted to follow Him. No one persuaded them to believe, and no one could persuade them not to. 100% of them had miracles happen, which assured them God’s Spirit was with them in their persecution. Your prayers were part of this. Many said, “Please thank those who prayed for me.”

Sixty percent of them first learnt about Jesus when they read one of our booklets in their school library. This School Library Project continues. In the last six months, 4,480 Thai schools received our booklets, and 30,000 schools are still waiting for their copies! Please pray for this project, and for each child who reads one of these booklets.

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