Jenny with Amina (right).

Finding treasures in the darkness…

AMINA’S FAMILY MEMBERS are treasures from deep darkness.

Her “husband” had another wife and only visited once every two years to leave her pregnant again. Her fourth pregnancy was twins. That season she was unable to do a machamba (food garden) or gather grass for her roof, so her mud house fell down. With no earthly goods to exchange, she couldn’t even afford to take her sick children to the witch doctor.

When Amina’s family came to Maziotela Ministries, not only did they receive food and clothing, but they also received Jesus!

A new church in Amina’s village built her family a new house and discipled her. Everyone in this village is poor and few are literate but they have truly discovered abundant treasure.

Now Amina has reached out to another mother of twins in desperate poverty and a new family has begun to follow Jesus. This family has already led another sister to the Lord!

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