Finally – A Borehole

From the very beginning, the buildings of the children’s home of New Hope Ministries were designed with a rainwater harvesting system with big underground storage tanks to provide water for everyone living on the compound.
But over the years, the rainfall patterns have changed and the dry seasons have become longer. Continuous water supply has become more and more of an issue, with us even having to truck in water for more than 100 children to bathe and do laundry during the three driest months last year.
Thanks to the generosity of a group of friends from a church in Sarawak, we were able to drill a bore-hole that is providing sufficient water for the boarding home. A local company with appropriate technology (simple but functional) was drilling for almost a month, with the bore-hole reaching over ninety metres deep.
A submersible pump has been installed, and this dry season we didn’t run dry! Work is well under way on additional storage facilities and distribution lines.
We are grateful to God for this answer to our needs, and to the people who allowed their hearts to be touched to give so generously.

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