Palesh and Regina.

A father’s prayer

MR HASAN had three daughters and desperately wanted a son, so he prayed that if God would give him a son, he would dedicate him to God’s service. Sometime later Palash, a boy, was born and Mr Hasan proudly dedicated him to God.

Palash was restless in his spiritual life. He explored other religions by reading their books. He read through the New Testament but didn’t understand what he was reading. Then he met a graduate from Christian Discipleship Centre (CDC) who explained the Gospel to him.

It was as if Palash’s eyes were opened for the first time. He understood what God had made possible through Jesus Christ. Palash began seeking the Lord with all his heart, earning him much criticism. Family and friends even questioned Palash’s father, who responded, “I dedicated him to Almighty God’s service, so let him alone.”

Today, Palash and his wife Regina are taking the one-year discipleship course at CDC. Please pray for them.

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