The Father’s Faithful Love

When Aor was a young child, her mother and stepfather were opium addicts. It was not a warm family and sometimes there was no food. Her older sister looked after her.     

From age nine to thirteen, Aor lived at a school hostel and found work to support herself, as her parents didn’t help. Whenever she went home, there was drinking, quarrelling, and domestic violence, so eventually she went to Bangkok with a friend who was looking after a couple’s children. Aor also got work there. The children’s mother was supposedly putting Aor’s salary in an account for her; however, after Aor refused the mother’s request to marry her stepson, she received no money for her two years’ work.     

Aor then got factory work in Chiang Mai. She felt something was missing in her life and she knew she needed to find a church. As a child she had sneaked to church, even though she wasn’t allowed to go. God was working in her heart and she desired to know him. After being baptised, if Aor encountered problems, she still felt joyful because of the Lord’s presence.

On a couple of occasions she experienced spiritual oppression, but each time the Lord delivered her in an amazing way.   

At age 23, Aor went to Bible College where she met Narayt, who was in his third year. Since they married, they have desired to serve the Lord.

Aor is thankful for Narayt’s prayerful family, a strong Christian husband, and God calling her back to him.

Aor and Narayt have been serving at Baan Faa Mai since May.

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