Special times of prayer and worship.

Faith is rising

THE SITUATION in Egypt seems to go from bad to worse every day. For the Christian community however, faith is rising. People are calling on the name of the Lord with all their hearts. Prayer meetings are happening everywhere throughout the country. Many of us have a sense of destiny: We are here for such a time as this. We find ourselves serving, ministering, leading and encouraging people every day.

Recently we spent some days together with 150 young people and church leaders for times of praise and worship, waiting on the Lord to hear his voice and encouraging one another in faith. We believe the Lord is working amongst us and that he is about to do something new in our land. We choose to focus our thoughts and eyes on the Lord rather than on the turmoil. Please pray with us that the Holy Spirit will visit Egypt, visit every home, visit the people of this great land and turn their hearts toward him. Thank you.

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