Somchai was paralysed from the waist down, unable to walk before God healed him

The faith of new believers

NEW BELIEVERS in rural Thai villages are experiencing God’s power and presence in their day to day lives.

Aunty Saithong has cultivated a small parcel of land where she grows rice that used to yield her a 10-cart harvest. Since praying over her small field, her yields have now increased to an average of 14 carts!

Prakong prayed for her corn harvest. Now her corn grows larger than her neighbours’ corn, even though they all use the same seed and fertiliser.

Somchai was paralysed from the waist down. When Somchai first heard the Gospel, he believed and was water baptised. He then asked the Lord to heal him. Today with the aid of a walking stick, he is mobile.

Aunty Da’s cow was lying in the field with two broken legs. She laid hands on the cow, praying that Jesus would heal it. After a short while the cow stood up and started to walk. This miracle has helped many others to know Jesus.

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