faith on the move

Faith on the move

Earlier this year the World Outreach International leadership met to pray, discuss and firm up some new ministry initiatives. The different ministry visions were clear, the opportunities were real and the potential results could see many people come to Christ. What we did not yet have before us were the resources we would need to realise our plans, i.e., workers and finances.

WELCOME TO the world of (faith) missions! Such unknowns have been the case with WOI since its founding. God gives us vision, he speaks clearly to our hearts and yet when reality bites, we don’t have all that is necessary to do the work. Unbelief can then subtly take hold. I have learnt that at such times it is always good to spend time in the Word, and wait on God for further clarity.

Faith precedes understanding. Abraham agreed before he had full understanding of what the Lord was speaking to him. God called Abraham to step out in faith, leave his homeland and follow him. The call however, was not about Abraham, but rather about the plan and purposes of God, that the people of the earth may be blessed through him (Genesis 12). Faith is given to us to embrace the plans and purposes of God. Abraham was fully persuaded that God had the power to do as he promised (Romans 4:21).

Unbelief puts our circumstances between us and the Lord. Faith puts God between us and our circumstances. The saints of Hebrews 11 were fully persuaded that God’s promises were true. They embraced the promises in their hearts. (It’s important to note that the Bible honours these saints for their faith, not their perfection).

For those serving with WOI, the Lord has (big) plans. We have chosen to let God-given vision determine our response, rather than what we know about our resources. In the past we have seen his amazing faithfulness; therefore we are confident that he will release more resources for the new challenges before us, i.e., more workers to serve and more partners to help finance the work.

Last year WOI ministry teams had the joy of helping bring many thousands of people into the kingdom of God. With your partnership and willingness to take steps of faith with us, we believe that in 2013 even more will come to call on the name of the Lord

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