Expanding Leadership Development Team

Leadership development is one of the five core focuses of World Outreach International. With my recent appointment as International Director, I am delighted to announce the appointment and expansion of a new leadership development team.
Replacing me as Leadership Development Director is Pastor David Borja (pictured right-below). David is a Brazilian by birth, but lives with his Australian wife, Janine, and three grown kids in Brisbane, Queensland. He’s a highly experienced pastor, especially in cross-cultural contexts. He brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the role and a passion to train leaders. He’ll also spearhead work into Latin America.

In addition, Pastor Andrew Mercer (pictured middle-below) from Perth, Western Australia, is coming onto the team in a dual role as a senior trainer and Leadership Development Administrator. Andrew has been a bi-vocational pastor while working as an accountant. Again, he’s very experienced and is an excellent leadership trainer and Bible teacher.

The third member of the team has been serving with me for some time. Pastor Karen Pack is Sydney-based, and will assume the responsibility of facilitating the Leaders of Leaders seminars, which is our programme for emerging leaders. She’s an outstanding trainer with a huge heart for younger leaders, especially those who can’t access relevant leadership training.

This new look and expanded team is going to make a powerful impact on leaders all over the majority world, foremost where WOI has a presence.
Here are some of the most common questions we’re asked about leadership development training:
Why train leaders in the developing world? A great majority of leaders in the developing world receive little or no formal or ongoing training.
Who, specifically, is being trained? The seminars are run for two different demographics. The first is pastors; the second is emerging leaders (aged 18-35).
Does WOI do its own thing or work with existing ministries and/or movements? WOI values partnership. In regard to leadership development, WOI partners with key leaders or missionaries in the respective nations.
Is there a set curriculum? No. Every nation’s leadership training needs are different, so after consultation with local leaders, the topics are tailored for the particular context.
What are the goals of the leadership training seminars? To equip pastors and leaders with skills to develop their leadership and grow their churches and ministries. Also, to encourage, strengthen and minister to them. Lastly, to inspire, equip and mobilise churches for cross-cultural ministry (especially to least-reached people groups).

Is there only a single seminar or is there ongoing development? WOI is committed to go back and work with the same group of people for three-four years, depending on the context. We run three-day seminars once a year in each location.
How are the seminars funded? WOI raises money to sponsor the pastors and leaders to attend the seminars. These seminars operate because of the faithful and generous giving of people, churches and businesses. It costs about US$50 / £35 per leader, per seminar.

If you would like to invest in the leadership development of leaders throughout the majority world, please give through the website.

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