The team members.

Enjoying God’s blessings

HE LORD CONTINUES to bless our ministry to the remote, poor villages here in northern Mozambique. There are now 32 health care posts, and natural medicine education happening in four districts. There are now 155 health care workers, treating more than 32,500 people in their village homes, including 557 orphans. We have a nutritional program of milk and porridge that regularly helps 190 babies and young children. Fernando, a new believer who was recently baptised, is one of our faithful and hardworking health care workers. He trains other workers, visits and treats sick people in their homes, and has a ministry program to orphans.

Once a month, our team visit two prisons to share the Word of God, and share some food and medicines. Our radio program helps us reach more villages with teaching on natural medicines and team member Martin Schumann also shares Bible lessons via the same radio program. All praise to the Lord for His continued blessing and provision of such a great team of leaders and co-workers. Please keep us all in your prayers.

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