Abdul studying to complete his degree in theology

Encountering Christ in a dream

Meet Abdul Havid, who is in his second year of study at Tawangmangu Bible College. Havid, a captain in the Indonesian army, was a devout Muslim.

One night however, he had a dream, and he heard a call, ‘Follow Him if you want to be saved’. The caller was pointing to Jesus. Havid didn’t respond to the dream. Until he had it twice more. Then, Havid spoke to a Christian pastor, who gave Havid a Bible. Between his Muslim prayers, Havid would read the Bible.

Then he had a fourth dream. A man in a white robe came to him and said, ‘I have sent an angel to you three times, but now I, Jesus Christ, am saying to you, “if you want salvation from this world and for eternity, follow me”.’

Praising God, Havid gave his life to Jesus. Soon after, his wife and six children left him, but Havid continues to follow Jesus, and will soon complete his degree in theology.

Recently, Havid learned that one of his children has started going to church.

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