Emerging leaders seminar in Egypt

Emerging leaders of leaders

MY PRINCIPAL ROLE in World Outreach International is the training and development of pastors and leaders. One demographic we particularly focus on is ‘emerging leaders of leaders’. These are young leaders (18–35) who have been identified as having the potential to lead leaders.

THE GOAL is to develop and equip these younger leaders with the skills necessary for senior and significant leadership. In many parts of the world, there is little or no intentional development of younger leaders. In Jordan last year, Philip (Damascus, Syria), told me how ‘… there is no teaching like this in Syria, so it can take 20–30 years before someone can get into ministry. This type of seminar will accelerate the equipping of leaders by years.’

Our plan is to run annual three-day seminars in strategic nations for up to three years. The subjects are chosen in consultation with local leaders but generally run along the themes of:

  • Year One: Leadership formation
  • Year Two: Leadership skills
  • Year Three: Ministry skills

Some of the subjects we cover are:

  • Character for leadership
  • Spiritual disciplines of a leader
  • Self-leadership
  • Decision-making
  • Building teams and team relationships
  • Vision and strategy
  • Preaching skills
  • Mission of the church

The seminars are not just theoretical but aim to be as practical as possible. Pastor Joseph (Beirut, Lebanon) mentioned how “…the seminar covered the spiritual and the practical.” Ibrahim from Jordan said “…the teaching was so practical and related to the daily challenges of the churches here in Jordan.” Bishop Julius (Kisii, Kenya) told me how he took the material from the previous year’s seminar and worked it through with his leaders. His comment: “It works!”

At the end of the three-year programme, a number of the participants will be chosen to become trainers. We’ll then ‘train the trainers’ so that the material can be contextualised and multiplied throughout their countries and contexts.

The Leaders of Leaders’ seminars are currently running in Kenya, Bangladesh, Jordan, Egypt, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

A new generation of leaders is being raised up who, I believe, will impact nations.

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