Elisa is in missions because…

When I was a little girl I met an Italian missionary to Uruguay, my home country. It was his passionate love for God and his love for Uruguayan people that made me think about God and eventually I accepted Jesus. I loved all of the Bible school stories!

In my teenage years, I asked God: “Please give me the life that the Bible talks about, I mean abundant life. I would like to make a difference. I have chosen to believe in you God”. After this prayer, everything changed in my life forever.

In 1994 I prepared my life to go to the mission field. In 1995, I went on a missions trip to Bolivia. I was touched by the needs there and wanted to go back to Bolivia but God said to me that Bolivia was not for me because He had called me to go beyond the ocean. “WelI,” I thought, ”someone must be the first and I would like to be the first.”

I had no idea about Asia but step by step God confirmed this was the place for me. Thailand. From South America it is a very long distance to Asia and there were no cross-cultural workers from Uruguay in Asia. The first challenge for me was going to New Zealand to learn English. If you want to serve God, is better to deny yourself and walk in obedience. In 1997, I went to New Zealand and in 1998 I finally arrived in Thailand.

I taught English and worked for 10 years in Mae Chaem among the Karen minority group.

Working as a tourist police woman, I was an interpreter. I saw the dark side of human beings. Expatriate men were in this country living lives of substance abuse, theft and sexual crime. Working in the prison I met people with bachelor degrees – high educations, yet were in prison. My conclusion is that money cannot save you. Working as a lecturer I met young people full of energy and dreams. Encouraging them has been awesome!

Along the way, I have met many young people and I have seen transformation occur in many lives. I have had the blessing to see young people turn to God! I have seen God’s glory in many lives in the Northeast of Thailand. God has giving me the opportunity to experience many different situations and to see that whatever your vocation or age, everybody needs God. Being a light in the darkness and the salt in the earth has become so real in my life.

Now I am living in Khon Kaen city serving at Jump church. I have now served a total of almost 15 years in Thailand!

I have learnt that God always makes a way for his children and will never leave them. We are called to be a blessing. What are you waiting for?

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