Explaining the meaning of picture I drew to the church planter who received the vision of the same picture

That was easy

I WAS RECENTLY encouraged in Cambodia when an outreach team from California partnered with our WOI church planting team. The team said they had been praying for our trip and heard the Lord tell them that this outreach was meant to be easy. No striving or forcing of God’s hand necessary.

And easy it was. We witnessed a freedom of worship, a release of ministry in the prophetic and creative expression that we have never seen at such a measure before. Words of knowledge, followed by physical and emotional healings, occurred throughout the trip, even on the streets of Phnom Penh as we ministered to prostitutes and pimps in the late night hours.

One morning we had an exercise to draw a prophetic picture that the Holy Spirit gave us. I drew a picture of an abundant waterfall cascading off a rocky cliff face into a jar of clay that couldn’t possibly hold that much water. I named the drawing “More Than You Need”.

In the next session, the Cambodian church planters were encouraged to seek a prophetic word/message from the Lord. One of the church planters started describing a vision he received. To my surprise he described to the smallest detail the picture I had drawn.

I took my picture and showed it to him, and he exclaimed “That was my vision, that was the picture!” After being blown away by how God works, we both laughed and exchanged stories of what God was showing us. I knew the picture was meant for him.

I walked away thinking, “That was easy.”

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