Dreams changed

IN THE LAST 10 MONTHS, 46 new church plants have been started in Nepal. Many people are coming into relationship with Jesus Christ and being discipled!

Chandra is one of the people being trained in church planting movements. Chandra was suffering from tormenting nightmares by night and disabling headaches by day. At night, he continually dreamt of evil animals that chased him and clawed at him. In his dreams, Chandra was always running for his life.

During a healing service, Chandra went forward to receive prayer. God instantly healed Chandra from the burning pain in his head. Feeling relieved and incredibly thankful to the Lord, Chandra went home. That night, when Chandra went to bed, he had a very different dream. Instead of being chased by evil animals, Chandra was chasing the animals!

Please pray for these new church plants and for these new believers, that many more will be set free in the name of Jesus!

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