Mozambique’s next generation is getting a better start at life

A different future for their children

HERE ARE NOW few outward signs in Mozambique of the 18-year civil war that ended in 1992; however as Maziotela Ministries seeks to disciple and train those who lived through the war, we are often reminded of the long-lasting effects it had on their lives.

The fortunate few who began school in those war days usually had to discontinue and many still carry horrific memories of shootings at school. Growing enough food to feed a family was also a much higher priority than learning to read. So today 80–90 per cent of village adults are illiterate and are still struggling year by year to feed their families.

Truly the Gospel of Jesus Christ gives us a future and a hope. Maziotela Ministries is delighted to see many salvations and churches planted. We are also excited that, together with World Outreach International, we are helping these believers to bring the first educational facility ever to their villages.

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