The Imam’s house which is now the Christian school.

From destruction to transformation

IS THERE ANY THING impossible for our God? No; absolutely nothing at all. Here’s why I say so…

In 2005, the Imam in my community and his leaders came to kill me because I was preaching the Gospel. Today, his house has become our Christian school. I had the privilege of leading his son to the Lord Jesus in January and the Imam himself in March this year. Please pray that he will grow to become the pastor in the community.

In our community, 1500 children have heard the Gospel, 400 of whom are now following the Lord Jesus. Last week, one of the elders of the mosque came to me and asked “to know more about your God”, while another member of the same mosque came to our prayer meeting. Like Nicodemus, he surrendered his life to Jesus.

Indeed, the Lord is transforming our community. Glory be to our Lord Jesus!

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