Film shoot from the "Unseen World"

Do not despise the day of small beginnings

TWO YEARS AGO, I wanted to make a stop motion film that would bring kids to Jesus. My friends and I began to create the characters but we ran out of time, money and resources, so I shelved the project.

A year later, I revisited the project and met with another set of obstacles. Yet I started to feel that this project was not just solely my idea.
Two months ago a man from an employment agency knocked on my door. He had money and workers to give away to suitable projects. I told him about the stop motion film and that I wanted to show the message of the Bible.

We received a grant allowing us to complete the film. The film is being made with government money and by nonbelievers. God has a great sense of humour and a funny sense of timing. Trust God in the ideas he sows in your heart and stay open to how he brings them about!


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