Mali (left) has a burden for her friends who are being harassed by evil spirits.

Delivered from torment

FOR MORE THAN 20 years, Mali was a medium. Lately, she had been tormented by the devil and was in severe pain. She was grounded by the power of evil spirits that were using her body. She couldn’t even attend the funerals of her close relatives. Whenever she attempted to leave home, something always happened, e.g. she became suddenly disabled and could not walk.

Then she heard about Jesus. Her niece, who was once a medium herself, shared with Mali about Christ. Mali’s niece told her that she had repented and put her faith in Jesus and that she had been delivered from an evil spirit.

When Mali received Jesus, she too was delivered. Her health improved straightaway. She is now fully recovered. She can travel and she is never afraid to do so. She has since led two other mediums to salvation. She has a burden for many of her friends who are being harassed by evil spirits. Her goal is to go and share the Gospel with all her friends and family members.

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