A buddhist-background believer being baptised.

Defeating the remaining giant

THE PAST FEW YEARS have seen tremendous harvests of new believers among the Chinese, Tribal, Catholic, Orthodox, Hindu and even Muslim people of the world. By contrast, the world’s 700 million Buddhists have seen only a trickle of new disciples.

Truly, Buddhism remains one of the greatest giants facing world evangelisation. However, growing numbers of Thai Buddhists are coming to faith in Jesus Christ. In 2009, our church-planting teams saw 500 baptisms – a number that has now grown to over 4,500 new Buddhist-background believers baptised as followers of Jesus! New Christians are now multiplying in 14 provinces and reporting many amazing miracles when they pray for their family and friends.

One of the big challenges is seeing viable churches raised up among these new believers. One of the key strategies is facilitating gatherings with contextualised worship that is meaningful to people with a Buddhist background. Another key is teaching God’s word by obedience-orientated story-telling, where new believers memorise Bible stories and share them with those they are training.

Please continue to pray for the multiplication of disciples and churches among the Thai people.

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