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The Legacy team recently visited WOI missionaries, Kevin and Jeh Sie Chan in Isaan, Northern Thailand. As part of a new breed of young missionaries, pioneering work amongst a Least Reached people group, Kevin and Jeh Sie have an inspiring story to tell. As our video crew travelled north on the four-hour bus ride from Bangkok, we were impacted at the number of elaborate Buddhist temples that lined the country roads – with not a cross in sight.

Christianity has been in Thailand for more than 200 years, but in Isaan, it is still only 0.1% Christian. Most of the cities, villages and towns don’t even have one church in them, which Kevin says, “means the traditional style of missions obviously hasn’t worked, so let’s not do it the way everybody else has done before, let’s do something different.”

Kevin and Jeh Sie Chan established a language school and cafe – the Global Connections Centre, as a Business as Missions venture in 2009 to build natural connections with the community and facilitate church planting. Business as Missions has three bottom lines – financial, social and missional. You need to make money, be and be seen to be good for society and also have spiritual outcomes. The Centre has become a signpost to God in the community where 90% of the cities, towns villages don’t even have a single church in them.

On the bigger call Kevin says,  “There are so many outs that we give ourselves, family, loans, children’s education, ageing parents, so many reasons why we wouldn’t do mission. It’s not easy. It’s always easier to stick to the status quo. Every time I’m faced with that decision, I keep the vision that God gave me at the start and remember that my life is not my own, my life is God’s. Everything I’ve earned is not my own, it belongs to God anyway. Every decision I made was with God’s bigger call in mind. If God’s calling is a primary thing in your life then everything else is secondary.

Loving God is putting aside what you want to do for what He might want you to do, and quite often they come together because God loves us and He built us. Sometimes we think we want a certain kind of life but actually a lot of people later on in life, end up realising they didn’t know what they wanted and if they had just followed the life God had for them, they might end up in quite a different place – one that He had built them for in the first place.

Are there other things I could be doing? Probably, but I keep coming back to that verse,  ‘Who have I in heaven but you?’ God built me for this, He made me for this purpose. It’s like a cup that’s designed to hold water, so God has designed us for this purpose.”

Watch Kevin and Jeh Sie’s story and be inspired!

For more information on the Isaan click here.

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  • Lisa
    19th September 2013

    Beautiful to hear how faith is not only when God answers but even more so when He doesn’t answer the way we think !! It’s all about Him – so God speaks the same message the world over. Bless you:)

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