COVID Relief Report- August 2021

John and Nok P

Thailand August 2021

Be encouraged by this report on the COVID Relief efforts being made in Thailand!


Ann & Rat

Ann and Rat have been leaders in the discipleship making movement for 8 years. They sell silk in the market. Currently the market is closed and they have been unable to sell for 3 months. They received 10,000 baht to cover family and medical expenses.



Nut is the first volunteer for our evangelism and discipleship team. She is a masseuse. She and her entire household were infected by Covid, but they have now recovered. She is unable to work in her line of occupation until the Covid situation has eased due to the country’s regulation. She received 5000 baht from our Covid relief fund to help tide her through this difficult time.



Yui and her group of home church believers work at a small company. By faith they have been praying for their employer to register everyone for vaccination. God answered their prayers and they have had their first vaccination.

However, they have had to take a pay cut due to the pandemic situation. They were encouraged to receive rice, dry food and snacks from us. They said they felt like God was cheering them on through these treats. They will surely thank God every time they eat the food and snacks. Yes, God makes them smile in this dark time!



We have a home church ministry in the community here. The children’s mother was always cooperating with food and arranged everything for us when we had meetings in this community. The mother, who is the pillar in the family, died suddenly of Covid at home. This caused shock and fear to the neighbours, and the burden fell on the eldest boy, Tik, to support his younger siblings with his meagre salary.

Tik says he is able to look after his siblings for now as they are studying online which does not incur much cost. However, once school reopens, there would be other expenses like travel cost to think about, and he did not know what to do. We have coordinated with Siam Care, a World Outreach partner organisation, to apply for scholarships for the two children.

Thank you for enabling us to feed these children in this time.


Migrant church members

Migrant church members in our area have lost their job as the factory they were working in closed down for a month.

Would you partner with us in ministering to those in need throughout this global crisis?

We’d love to have your prayer and partnership in the important work being done all over the globe