Connect Before You Correct

Without developing or building relationships with our children, we cannot minister or work with them effectively.

This is very important for both children and teenagers. By developing friendships and connections with children, we help them to meaningfully engage with us. When we have earned their trust, then they listen to our words and advice. Through this, we can make an impact and be able to guide them to live a successful life by obeying God.

Sometimes we try to lead children only from the front, as if they were just an audience. In doing so, we lose the relational connection, which means we won’t be able to correct them. Leadership is not a position, but influence.

This is not only true of children’s workers or mentors, but true for parents. We need to foster relationship and friendship with our children so they’ll listen to our words and advice.

When the bridge of trust develops and we build connection with children, they will be willing to share about themselves to us. As they share their challenges and struggles with us, we are able to make a contribution to their life.

Children don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care. When we love and care for them, they will be encouraged to listen to our words and follow our advice.

Through love and care we are able to connect with our children, earn their trust, and win the right to be heard.

So let us try to connect with our children, spend time with them, try to be a friend, and care about them. Then we will be able to correct them and equip them to be an asset for our community and country.

We must connect before we can correct.

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