Compelling Stories

Many from the Least Reached Nahara people group are fishermen who cannot read or write. Being Muslims, they do not want to set foot inside a church, so we give them MP3 players with biblical stories in their language. We were very surprised when we saw how much they love to hear Bible stories!

One particular Imam had just finished praying and was leaving the mosque when he took out his MP3 player and happily, in public, listened to the Bible stories on his way home! Another Imam, who had been giving people a hard time about their listening to Christian stories, was visiting a man who had become a follower of Jesus Christ. He sat for two hours watching this man who was listening intently to his MP3 player. As the Iman was about to leave, very sheepishly he asked his friend how he also could get an MP3 so as to listen to the stories. This was made possible, and this man has never since been heard to criticise or challenge others about their interest in Christian Bible stories.

Pray with us that a great harvest of souls for the kingdom of God will result in the Word of God being heard by a growing number of the Nahara people.

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