Community Impacted

The Holy Spirit is working in believers’ hearts in Thailand. New believers from poor backgrounds testify that they have been freed from bondages such as gambling, smoking, and poor financial management.
Jam’s alcoholic husband abused her. Last December Jam asked Jesus into her life. Within one day her husband also gave his life to Jesus, and prayed that he would be delivered from his addictions – and he was! Today father, mother, and son are followers of Jesus and their new life is influencing their community. Many other married couples have sought help and asked Jesus into their lives.
We praise the Lord for what He is doing. We see people healed of sicknesses; some had been prayed for after they died and returned to life. Others testify that their finances have improved; others that their children are getting better grades; others share that their food harvests are bigger than expected. If such a fresh move of the Holy Spirit were to multiply throughout our nation, the world would take notice. Please pray for a mighty harvest of souls in this traditionally Buddhist nation of Thailand.

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