Interceding for where they will start planting churches

Committed to serve

On a recent trip to Nepal we followed up with a group of former church planting trainees in the Nawalparasi District. While my colleague Susan Khoo talked with people inside, I took a group of 29 young and middle-aged believers outside. I shared briefly and then asked them questions to ensure they understood what we were talking about.

I asked one young woman, Miss Krishna, if she wanted to practice what she was learning. She said yes. I asked how and where she would do it. She said she and her friends were going to cycle to hospital and wait for people to come out who had yet to be healed. They would then offer to pray for the sick/injured and after they were healed, they would invite them to know more by starting a group to disciple them to Jesus. I asked her when she would start this. She said, “tomorrow”.

Be encouraged, as I was, to pray for Miss Krishna, her friends and the other groups committed to making Jesus famous in Nepal.

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