The comforted become comforters

IN THE LAST TWO MONTHS four new women have come to Rahab!

Recently Lang shared her testimony with a team who was visiting. She told them how much her life has changed now that she knows she is loved and valued by God. She is an active participant in Bible study and is often seen reading her Bible in preparation.

Mei came to Rahab after meeting Koy in the bars. She has been so happy to be somewhere safe and somewhere she is accepted that she often goes out at lunchtime to tell other women on Patpong about how Rahab has changed her life.

Nuch and Sao are now here at Rahab because Mei invited them to meet our leadership and they decided to leave their bar and come to Rahab. It is exciting to see that it is not only our outreach team who are going onto the streets of Patpong to share God’s love but also individual women are independently encouraging others to come.

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