Children Experience Pentecost Outpouring

WHEN CHILDREN are taught the basics of who the Holy Spirit is and how much he wants to become fully part of their lives, they respond with sincere desire for him to fill them with his wonderful presence and power. Their unquestioning faith so often brings God’s answer to their prayer and they are clothed with the Holy Spirit supernaturally and often spontaneously. This happened in traditional churches in Myanmar recently:

Becky Fisher shares:

We had been told to be careful what we said about the Holy Spirit and not to mention speaking in tongues or being overcome in the Spirit, because our students were Burmese Baptist and Presbyterian pastors. I wondered why we had been invited to speak to a group who may not be open to our message of bringing children into the supernatural life of Christ. Only God could have known what the results would be. Just two weeks after our return from the 4-day training conference, we heard from our host Pastor L*.

I called 70 Myanmar leaders and found that all of them have started Power Clubs in their villages and that the Holy Spirit is moving and working among the children. Forty-eight of the pastors have seen the work of the Holy Spirit in a great way and recognised and accepted speaking in tongues. Two pastors told me that 13 young children received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in their village. They had not been taught to speak in tongues but the kids started speaking in unknown tongues anyway. They spoke in this unknown language for hours. Another pastor shared that when he gave an altar call, half of the 47 children present began to speak in tongues. They had never done this before.

Another two leaders called me from the border of Myanmar. Their kids began praising the Lord after the altar call, and had been singing unknown songs for three hours. The leaders asked me whether to stop them but I replied ‘Let them keep going; don’t stop them. It is the glory of God.’ They are happy and excited.

Another leader said the kids have begun to pray in the churches and keep coming to the church just to pray. These kinds of things have never happened in the church before.

(acknowledgement of this testimony from Becky Fisher of “Kids in Ministry International”, kidsinministry@yahoo.com, www.kidsinministry.org)

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