Changing Our Hearts In An Instant

Have you ever felt fearful or anxious about what God has asked you to do?

Ever since our arrival in Macedonia three years ago, we have experienced God directing us towards a neighbourhood called Shutka (the biggest Roma settlement in Europe). We have been looking for property on the outskirts of Shutka, too afraid to live inside.

Hence, we could not find anything to rent or buy; that was until a friend heard about our need and invited us to his father’s house. It took us six months to consider it! When we finally arrived at the house, it was smack bang in the middle of Shutka. We felt a little like Jonah.

As we entered the yard, we felt at peace that this is the place where God wants us to live.

We were afraid to enter the lion’s mouth, but God changed our hearts to match his.

Please pray with us that he will provide the funds for this prime kingdom property.

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