Changed Lives, Changed Community!

James and Bina graduated from Christian Discipleship Centre (CDC) in 2011 and immediately began ministering to the animistic and poor ‘tea garden people’ in a particular area.
Animism has many superstitions, and people are generally bound by fear their whole lives. For example, when a person gets burned, they put either cow dung or egg on the burn. A pregnant woman is not allowed to have milk, eggs, banana or pumpkin. They believe to eat anything yellow will give you yellow fever! After delivery a woman is not allowed to have a bath for one month, and she cannot drink plain water, only rice water. There were many challenges in trying to engage with these people, so we sought advice from the CDC leadership. It was recommended that we go through two extra courses: Learning Circles and Adult Literacy Class. Months later we are now seeing the ladies have been listening to us. Many have changed their ways and have become open to the Good News, which has resulted in a new church plant in the community. Praise the Lord.

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