Inacio with his fishing boat.

A changed fisherman

INACIO OWNS TWO BOATS and shares the catch with the fishermen who work for him. When he became a follower of Jesus, he stopped applying witchcraft to his fishing. When he had to invest in a new net, he did not use a former sorcery ceremony. Instead, he asked me to join him to pray and dedicate his new net to the Lord.

Weeks went by with few fish caught. Inacio’s workers begged him for a little money to buy food. Inacio replied, “I have always been honest with you. I don’t have any money. Join me in praying to the big God, the one and true God, in the name of His Son, Isa, and ask Him to help us.”

These Muslim fishermen all agreed and sat with Inacio while he prayed. The next day they went out again to fish and one of them rushed back to tell Inacio that the nets were full of fish! Everyone had plenty of fish to eat and to sell and the name of the Lord was honoured.

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