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Challenges and joys in Thailand

The Good News Team is church for thousands of Thai children who have no other way to learn about Jesus. As they do our correspondence lessons, children share how God’s Word is changing them:

Kamonporn, age 7: Your lessons make me happy. Now I know Jesus is on my side.

Chanapa, age 10: We’re Buddhist but now I believe in Jesus because of His mercy and love.

Kandiya, age 12: Jesus’ love makes me happy. Now I want my parents to know Him too.

Roongthip, age 11: Now that I know God, I want to live so I make Him happy.

Thanokkorn, age 12: My family and I are Buddhists. So is everyone in my community. There is not even one Christian. But I believe and trust in Jesus. What should I do?

BUT: Protests in Thailand mean postal services are not working and many children’s letters don’t get through. Please pray for God to bring solutions and peace to our land.

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