Mission Partner

These include all our personnel wherever they may be based, but excluding trainees, interns, and certain
office administrative staff. Other “special” categories of Mission Partners are as follows:
• Mission Partner Professional – a person working for a service or business organisation in a crosscultural
situation with the purpose of being active in Christian ministry.
• Mission Partner Seconded OUT – a person released by WOI to work under the supervision of
another mission agency, organisation or church.
• Mission Partner Seconded IN – a person seconded by another mission agency to serve in the field
with WOI.

Mission Associate

A person who has an existing ministry within their own country who is joining WOI through a relational
pathway which normally progresses from Mission Friend to Mission Associate to Mission Partner. This is
a time-based progression depending on joint agreement.
Alternately this is a person who has had a long-term relationship with WOI and/or because of unusual
circumstances, is endorsed to function outside of the normal administrative requirements of WOI. Such
persons are warmly regarded as members of the wider WO fellowship.
Short Term Worker – a person who is serving with a WOI Mission Partner for a period of three to twelve
Mission Interns – a person who is a prospective Mission Partner and who has linked to WOI for a specific
period of time (normally 6-24 months) in order to receive training and practical field experience under the
supervision of an experienced Mission Partner.
Alpha Mission Team member – a person who is part of a church planting team in an LRP undergoing two
years of on-the-job training.
Trainee – a person preparing to serve cross-culturally who is undergoing a period of guided preparation,
study and service through mission trips.

Team Member

a person directly accountable to a Mission Partner who is responsible for all aspects of
their ministry, pastoral care and financial support. A Team Member is considered to be part of the wider WO
fellowship because of their accountability to a recognised WO ministry. They are normally working in their
own culture or country.
Each category has slightly different services and conditions. The key definitions, and main services offered
by WOI to the different categories of field workers are listed in the Operations Manual. These include e.g.
regular member care visits, and publicity. The main requirements of WOI e.g. payment of 10% mission’s
contribution on all donated income for Mission Partners are also detailed in the Operations Manual.
Applicants will be guided as to the correct category to apply for in their particular situation and must
familiarise themselves with those terms and conditions.