By His Stripes

For many years I’d heard of God’s power to heal the sick, raise the dead, and do miracles. However I myself did not experience those miracles in my own life. I struggled with Hepatitis B, asthma, and sinus issues for years. I visited hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, sought help from the Vietnamese Traditional Herbal Hospital, and even visited America to receive medical treatment. I attended healing conferences and received prayer from anointed speakers, but I didn’t receive my healing. I was desperate. I doubted whether God wanted me healed and even questioned whether I had committed some sin that prevented me from being healed.
Then one day a friend brought me a book called Healing the Sick. I discovered a new truth: when Jesus suffered and died upon the cross, he bore my sins and my sicknesses. Healing was available in His name. All I needed was to claim that healing for myself. So I proclaimed my healing by quoting Isaiah 53: “By His stripes I am healed.” On that same night, after six years of coughing and sleeping separate from my husband, I was healed.

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