Brom the barber

BROM WAS BORN into a Hindu family in a village where no one knew about Jesus. He grew up and built a life for himself. He had a good business as a barber. He was married and had a family. Yet, something kept nagging him. He didn’t have peace within himself. He looked to temples and mosques and he went on pilgrimages but nothing helped. Nothing gave him the peace he craved. Then he met someone who told him about the love of Jesus and on that day, Brom decided to follow Jesus. That was 16 months ago. Since then, Brom has led 451 other Bengalis to Jesus. People come from different villages to get their hair cut and Brom gives them much more. Now Brom spends more time talking about Christ than he does about hair. Now we know why God made Brom a barber.

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