Bricks and mortar

Invetsting in strategic discipleship and educational centres

IT IS ALWAYS A DILEMMA in the world of missions! Should limited and precious finances be used primarily to sow the word of God and meet the needs of the underprivileged or should they also be used to build and/or buy multipurpose facilities that will enhance effective discipleship, education and job-skill training programmes? Such decisions are never easy to make.

Fortunately, property values and building prices in most developing nations are much lower than in developed nations, where the cost of living is so much higher. At the same time, it is good to partner with our local colleagues and the communities who will benefit long term from such investment.

The following World Outreach International projects in Asia and Africa are in need of financial partners:

During the past seven years, Jo and Jenny Graham have seen a people movement for Jesus happen among the traditionally folk-Muslim Koti people group in northern Mozambique. Today more than 200 churches have been planted and led by the indigenous Koti. A “Bless Angoche Community Centre” project has recently been launched to build a simple yet practical multipurpose centre in the main and strategic town of Angoche where there is literally no public building suitable for gatherings. Even politicians have to speak in open parks when campaigning.

The Mt Hope Training Centre in the province of West Kalimantan recently purchased land adjacent to the centre for a price way below market value. This vital and strategic piece of land will allow Mt Hope to build and develop new facilities that will enhance their hostel, school and training centre ministries. Mt Hope centre provides village children from among the Dayak tribes of West Kalimantan an opportunity to receive education, care and job-skill training and in turn gives them a hope and a future.

In the past two years Joseph and Aimee Dayamba have seen hundreds of children and teenagers become followers of Jesus Christ. The Lord has also blessed their ministry with a plot of land that is debt free. The Dayambas have a burden to construct a multipurpose facility that will serve the community and attract other children, as well as be a discipleship centre for growing young people in the word of God.

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