Breakthroughs in South Africa

This year has been an amazing year of breakthroughs for us in South Africa. We are seeing the results of years of planning and many people seeking God. At the beginning of the year we started to visit ‘sending’ churches to grow our relationships with local churches in South Africa and also to show our appreciation for their involvement with WOI missionaries.
The result is that we are now seeing: multiple churches reigniting their relationships with missionaries; churches becoming more aware of opportunities to spread the gospel in their own communities to people groups from other nations; and increasing numbers going on short-term exposure trips.
Someone said that an ‘organisation can only grow as fast as its relationships’. Through relationships we have seen a team from WOI South Africa provided with teaching opportunities and an increased awareness of churches caring for their mission (field) personnel.
There is still much to be done, but all the glory to God for His faithfulness.

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