Shulammite girls in need of the knowledge of God’s love.

Breaking the veil through worship

RECENTLY, a group of pastors in New Zealand asked me how they could best support our work in central Asia. I replied, “Worship over Shulam!”

We have an outstanding team living there, making friends and pouring themselves out in love and care for broken people. They are touching drug addicts, AIDs patients and many others with His love, but progress is so slow – something we are having to come to terms with, given our experience among the far more responsive Koti in Mozambique.

In Shulam, despite wonderful God-connections with people and amazing friendships, individuals’ eyes appear to glaze over when we talk about Jesus. We need to break the veil of darkness that is over their hearts – and the key is worship! You can help us from wherever you are.

Read Isaiah 25:7 and then go up the mountain of worship to break the veil of nations!

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