Grandma Yod gives thanks to God

Born again at 103 years old

Thai Buddhists are opening their hearts to the Gospel in numbers we have never seen before. P’Nueng, a church planter from Bangkok, has seen 350 people decide to follow Christ in just four weeks. She can not possibly baptise, disciple, and train so many people – so as soon as someone receives Christ, she teaches the new believer how to baptise and disciple his or her own converts. New believers immediately begin sharing Christ with people in their own family networks.

Grandma Yod is 103 years old and she has been searching for the truth for a long time! Well, Grandma Yod saw a cross on a Christian school and prayed that the One who died on the cross would send someone to tell her about Him. One day she had bad asthma and could not breathe, so she went to the cross and prayed that He would heal her – and He did! So when her granddaughter told her the way of salvation through Jesus, she was ready to be baptised immediately!

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