Sundanese worship the lord

Bold and courageous

A TEAM OF TAWANGMANGU graduates who are presenting the Gospel to the Sunda people of West Java are seeing much fruit for their labour. Only a small percentage of the 36 million Sundanese believe in Jesus but numbers are increasing.

Since 2011 Sundanese believers have held Christmas retreats away from their region as they are not yet able to gather in a church! These Sundanese believers bring their unsaved friends to these retreats and many accept Christ. Away from their families and neighbours, they are brave enough to make the stand.

Another reason they hold these Christmas retreats is for the young people to meet other Christian Sundanese. A number of Christian youth have gone away from the Lord because they have not met a Christian partner but have married a Muslim, which is often forced by the parents.

Normally the Sundanese Christians secretly meet in homes in small numbers but at a Christmas retreat, they are encouraged when they see hundreds of other Sundanese Christians. They need our prayers.

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