Some of the healthcare workers

Under the blood

THIS YEAR WE ARE blessed to be building new healthcare facilities in the villages. As we develop these facilities, it means we also have new healthcare workers who are participating in our seminars. During our last seminar one of the workers began to have a demonic manifestation. We immediately began to pray for her in the name of Jesus and she quickly calmed down. It was an amazing testimony to all those who saw what happened.

In our villages, it is a daily occurrence for people to live under curses and manifest the demonic; however, to see the power of the name of Jesus in action is an extraordinary event! People are able to calm down without the witch doctor. Everyone who witnessed our prayers was touched, including Bibi, whose husband is a witch doctor. She was very impressed. We have such great authority in our prayer. We are under the blood of Jesus and He never lets us down.

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