Humanitarian Efforts Continue Following Devastating Super Typhoon

Blessing the people

MORE THAN 200 HOUSES belonging to the Waray Waray people on Samar Island have been repaired or replaced thanks to donations from World Outreach International donors and partner organisations like Crest Malaysia. Subject to ongoing donations, we are confident this number will rise to around 500. Our approach is to “help the people help themselves” i.e. We provide tools and materials for local men to do the actual repair and rebuilding. Chainsaws have been provided to mill the typhoon-downed coconut trees for new house posts and framing. New galvanized iron roofing is providing shelter and plywood walls are being installed.

In the local language, Waray Waray means “nothing”. They are a people with little sense of self-worth. They seldom if ever express gratitude, so it was a huge surprise to our team members when a tearful lady handed me a letter thanking us for rebuilding her house. Many more have been written by families saying thank you for the first time in their lives. The municipal officials have also written grateful thanks to WOI and their donors for all the various ways we are assisting their recovery in three villages.

Hundreds of people in Marabut township now have clean drinking water thanks to our partnership with CleanWater Australia and New Zealand and several Rotary Clubs in South East Queensland, Australia.

Long term livelihood projects are also underway, including replacing fishing boats and nets destroyed by the typhoon. Local boat builders are now hard at work. The boats complete with outboard motor cost about $1000 to replace depending on the size. We would be grateful for your prayerful consideration of this need.
It is encouraging that our relief work in Marabut has been the means of opening hearts to Jesus. There are currently fewer Christians among these people than almost any other group in the Philippines (less than 1%). Please pray that the Waray Waray people will, in the coming months, also begin expressing their thanks to God for His overwhelming love for them.

Thank you World Outreach and donors

“Our grief and pain is eased because of the donors and WOI giving medical assistance, galvanized iron, mosquito net, plates, cooking pots, school supplies and bags and many other things. Thank you donors for sharing your blessings with us and for the effort, love and moral support. We never forget you!”

Flordeliza Geroy and Family

We the Gacita family are wholeheartedly thankful for the help and support of giving us food and shelter. With your kindness, we become strong and encouraged to start again in our life despite many struggles. We the Yolanda survivors are blessed to have people like you. You are sent as God’s way to show His love to all who are in need.

Melanie Q. Gacita and children Jonel, Jonalyn, Joy-ann, Jay and Joyce

On behalf of our people, we the barangay officials say that our barangay is one of the hardest hit by the super typhoon Yolanda. Eight people died and 526 people have been displaced. The flood wrecked almost all of the houses. As of now we are all dependent on relief goods, because our livelihood was devastated. Now our barangay is seen to be the first to arise because of the immediate response of World Outreach in giving us 3600 galvanized iron sheets, kitchen wares, food packs, a water purifier, nails, mosquito nets, school supplies, clothing, 1000 sheets of plywood and chainsaws for cutting coconut wood to rebuild our houses. We also gratefully anticipate the purchase of boats and fishing nets for the help of our fisher folk’s livelihood. Brothers and sisters, the only thing to do now is to express our warm gratitude in appreciating all the things you have done for us. Our hearts are tearfully full of joy. We are deeply thankful a million times to God, to all donors, and to World Outreach International.

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