Blessed are the persecuted

PRAY FOR THOSE persecuted for their faith. Pray that they will become great evangelists. After eight years of working in the village of Yaabo, there are now enough believers who are willing to meet as a congregation. They are also inviting other Fulani believers from nearby villages. Every third Sunday, we meet with Fulani believers in the house of prayer in Yaabo. During the testimony and prayer request time, each person shares almost the same thing. Pray for strength to endure persecution. Pray for their families to be saved. Samba had to leave his hometown 350km away. His family persecuted him and the believers who took him in. In spite of this, he wants to learn how to share the Gospel with his family. Another young man said his family treats him like a dog. Another said, “God healed me miraculously. That’s how I got converted. At first my family hated me, but when they saw God blessing me, they want me back. Pray that my children and other relatives will become Christian.”

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